Thursday, December 22, 2005

I have lost faith…in myself

Why even say anything. Nothing will change.

I think I have reached the point

Where I can no longer go forward

And I know I can not go back

Sweet sickening apathy

Robs my soul

Leaving ashes and shattered dreams

I cut myself on the shards

Grasping for what can never be mended

Holding what can never be remade

I no longer believe

In the dreams I once held

They are phantom sand

Before my eyes

They are the laughing reminders

Of paths I did not take

Now the tools I have

Are all rusted or broken

Or left on the shelf forgotten

I no longer have faith

In those tools

And I am nothing without them

So I hold on to them

The grand pretender

The weaver of false dreams

Fooling myself

With broken wings

Wishing to fly